Cute bike bag pattern




I made myself a little bag to put on the handle bars of my bike to carry  my phone, bank card, purse etc. when I am heading off on a little jaunt. So I decided to make another one and share the pattern with you.

I made this with an aran weight wool and a size 4.5 hook, and use american terms 🙂

This is crocheted in the round, or should I say the rectangle

  • Chain 21
  • single crochet in the second chain from the hook and single crochet the next 19 stitches
  • single crochet 4 times in the last chain (this will take you around the corner)



  • single crochet in the next 19 stitches
  • single crochet 4 times in the next chain (45 stitches) 1st round completed (pop a marker in here)
  • single crochet in next 19 stitches


  • single crochet twice in the next chain
  • single crochet twice in the next chain
  • single crochet in the next 20 stitches
  • single crochet twice in the next stitch
  • single crochet twice in the next stitch (49 stitches) 2nd round complete
  • single crochet in next 22 stitches
  • single crochet twice in the next stitch
  • single crochet twice in the next stitch
  • single crochet in the next 23 stitches
  • single crochet twice in the next stitch
  • single crochet twice in the next stitch (53 stitches) 3rd round complete

The number of rounds that you increase in determines the depth of your pouch, I find that with this amount of increases I can fit in my phone, sun glasses or my purse.  Don’t be afraid to experiment, there are no hard and fast rules, change it to make it your own.

From now on you just want to continue in the round without increasing until you reach your desired height I find that about 20 rounds are high enough to hold your glasses, phone and some money for buns:)


When you have reached the desired height  you want to make the loops that hold your bag onto the handle bars.  You might want to check your bag onto your bike to get the location of your loops correct.  It is also up to you how wide you make them and how long,  see the pictures at the end of this post to see some variations.


  • At the end of your final round single crochet along 8 stitches, chain 1 and turn
  • single crochet 8 stitches, chain one and turn
  • continue like this until you have a strap that is long enough to go around your handle bars
  • I did 20 rows, chain 1 and turn
  • single crochet decrease in the first 2 stitches single crochet until the last 2 stitches and single crochet decrease, chain 1, turn
  • single crochet across remaining 6 stitches, chain 1 and turn
  • single crochet in the first stitch, chain 3 and single crochet in the last stitch to create a loop,
  • chain 1, turn
  • single crochet across the stitches and the chains (5 stitches),
  • chain 1, turn
  • single crochet decrease, sc2, single crochet decrease.
  • finish off


Now you want to create your second loop.  Turn your work so that the back is facing you, I counted back 8 stitches from the far left of the pocket and attached a new piece of wool, single crochet in the next 8 stitches continue exactly as with the first loop.  🙂

I forgot to take a picture before I added some embroidery…. I like embroidery 🙂

Find some lovely big buttons and attach, don’t forget to try it on your bike so that you know where to place the buttons 🙂  Finished!!




Polymer clay herb markers… NOT so lovely

DSC_0304This is mine

I was feeling creative the other day and had seen some lovely herb markers on Pinterest made from Polymer Clay.

Moms and gardens seem to go hand-in-hand since flowers and gardens are the symbols of the nurturing care our mothers took in raising sweet and thoughtful children. This is NOT mine 😉

This is how they should look,

Mine are dull and boring and the lettering is difficult to read….. so today’s task is to bling them up with some paint though it may be difficult as the clay is quite dark :)…. well lets see what I can do, catch you later 🙂



I am now the proud owner of my very own single speed mixte frame custom built bike.   She is just beautiful and I had her out for a wee test ride along the river and she goes like a dream.

DSC_0279   DSC_0270

I am very lucky to have myself a husband that can pretty much turn his hand to anything, he is great at diy, bike building and also a fantastic artist 🙂  But…. some people might also realise that when you have someone at home that can do “stuff”  it sometimes takes a little while to actually get it done, because you would never PAY someone else to do it!!!!  and sometimes they run out of voomf so it sits on the back boiler for a while and the next project is approached with much gusto!!!!!

I was told that i would be getting my bike for Christmas LAST YEAR!!!  Christmas came and went, my birthday came and went…. I had been forgotten.  So I decided that if I wanted it for the summer to visit my WordPress friend “Woollenstitch”  to have some long discussions over cups of tea and her lovely oat cake I would have to take some dirty underhand action.  FACEBOOK…. The frame had been painted and it was set up, sort of.  No Brakes, No handle bar tape, No Chain, No mud guards….  I decided to post a picture of stage 1 of my bikes progression…. knowing that he wouldn’t want to let himself down in front of “friends” …. stage 1 was posted on 21st June, stage 2 was posted on 22nd June, picture of finished bike posted on 23rd June, sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do 😉

DSC_0285 DSC_0298