What……. another blog so soon


This blogging lark isn’t easy.  You know what you want to say but it just doesn’t travel from the brain to the fingers, Anyway, it is Sunday morning, it is beautifully calm and sunny outside, blue skies and fluffy white clouds, looks like Spring is with us again.  Of course I should be out with my pups frolicking along the riverside talking to the swans….. no no no ………I’m crocheting, taking pictures and blogging!!!!

I thought that I would share the progress of my ripple blanket, I have been jumping from chicks to blanket all week long. Oscar (little black cairn) was very obliging this morning, he was first up and helped with my photo shoot cos that’s the kind of guy he is.  😉

So that was it, picture taken, sim card out, sim card in, picture uploaded ….  ready to post…well that;s what I thought…… up gets Tilly kiss, kiss, kiss, her tongue flapping around my face (little blonde cairn) and she insists that we “create” something with her in it girls eh!!  So it’s sim card out, sim card in, take picture, sim card out, sim card in.  At last, kerfuffle over and here they are together… yet not together… , “what’s a blanket, what’s a ripple” 🙂  Time for another sleep? zzzzzzzz


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