wow that’s bright!!!!

wow that's bright!!!!

Another week has come and gone, and my hook has been happily finishing some projects. I was delighted to receive a gift of yarn and lots of crochet bits and bobs from my mother-in-law for Christmas. Not the colours that I would normally select, but I was looking forward to making something with them. My brain was tick tick ticking and I decided that these particular colours wouldn’t suit my home so I went down the children and babies route.

So I have produced a baby comforter blanket with a cow, a little bigger than usual as I thought it would be nice for baby to keep warm underneath.


I just love her

So last Sunday I started to make some squares with the intention of making a blanket with it, I got a little fed up with this and decided to turn the squares into a cushion cover.


Side A


Side B

Then there were these little guys……


Ms Green Hen and Ms Bunny

Lastly but not yet quite finished is my poncho, I have a border to add and you never know maybe a pom pom 🙂



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