So, it has been a week since my last post but I haven’t been just sitting around, I have been practicing my ziggy zaggy ziggs using up the balls of wool that were just hanging around feeling neglected and slightly ashamed 😦

Anyway… lovely, lovely friend, who is a fabulous textile artist, (NOT the ‘Get a Life’ friend) asked if I would like to share a stall with her at a local craft fayre.

YIKES I thought I haven’t done a craft fayre before, it would be too embarrassing if no one liked my bits and bobs, and after all haven’t I been driven underground to practice this most dreadful of activities “crochet” It would mean I would be in the public eye and I could very well see someone I know 😛 (please refer to ‘Get A Life’ in the tabs above 😉

But you know, with a son at university and another going next year, I could do with the money. I also am running out of space and the number 1 man in my life is getting a little fed up looking at blankets and throws hanging off anything that doesn’t move!!!!!!

After some hmmmmming and haaaaaing I decided that I will undertake this new adventure.  I have until the 30th November to gather myself some smaller items that might appeal to the discerning shopper, can anyone suggest what I might sell for a couple of £ – $?

The crochet hook will be flat out for the next few weeks… oh dear poor house will be neglected again wish me luck.


3 thoughts on “THINGS ARE PILING UP :)

  1. I had very good luck with hats and they seemed to be fairly quick and easy. I also have had much luck with scarves. Good luck in your endeavor and happy crocheting. 🙂

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