A Perfect Saturday – thrift shop heaven

Saturday rolled around very nicely this week.  A beautiful Autumnal morning, and being the perfectly perfect housewife I put some washing on and left instructions with number 1 daughter to hang them out when finished.  I donned some comfy (yet stylish) clothing, paired with comfortable (yet stylish) shoes that would take me nicely zig zagging around all the thrift/charity shops.  It has been a wee while since I had taken on this mammoth task of hoackity poackity.

OH The joy of happening upon something fabulous…. this happened 3 times, yes 3 🙂  My first fantastic find was a hard backed copy of Delia’s Complete Cookery Course.  Of course I have a copy of this (my first ever cookery book bought to me by my mother many years ago) it has been well thumbed and is now falling apart (paperback copy though).  Anyhoo, joy of joy, I came across Delia and dared to peek on the inside cover and it was marked £1.50…. a bargain if ever there was one.

Second fabulous find was some kiln craft plates… remember from the 1970’s when your mother had this awful mustard yellow delftware with flowers.  That’s the stuff well I found some dinner plates, cups and saucers for £4.25 lovely.

Third terrific find was 2 cups to match a coffee pot, milk jug and sugar bowl another bargain at £4.00) that I had bought about a month ago (ALSO KILN CRAFT) these were £1.50 each not such a bargain but I just had to have them. 🙂  I think that I will find a picture of this lovely stuff for you.

So all was good with the world when a slumped in home heavily laden, clothes drying merrily on the line and a cup of tea waiting for me.  Ahh a perfect Saturday at last.  Next thing to do…. learn to crochet ripples… which I conquered beautifully.

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