A brighter day :)

So,  …… my dining room has become a bit of a crochet dumping ground.  You all know what I mean.  Several finished projects just sitting in a corner (not too sure what to do with them).  Plastic bags everywhere some filled with new balls of wool, others with left over wool (just waiting for the right project).  Then there are the unfinished projects that you either got bored with or just plain didn’t like the colour combination.  Not to mention the cushion fillers just waiting for a new crochet cover.  Oh dear I sometimes wonder how my husband is bothered with it all.

I thought wouldn’t it be nice to keep the dining room door open for a change so that everyone could see my lovely dining room I had.  The clear out began and I found some items that I had forgotten about, so I thought that I would share a couple with you 🙂


I found this pretty baby car seat blanket.


I found my Golden Glory Blanket, I had decided to add a simple navy edge.


This was originally going to be a throw for my bed.  I timed myself and it takes me 20 minutes to complete 1 row.  I have completed 88 rows, I still have 2 thirds left to complete it and then a border…… so if my maths are correct that is 26 hours, that leaves me only 52 more hours until complete, oh and don’t forget our favourite part sewing in the ends….. oh dear I have just worked out that maths….. 88×3=264 rows x2 as they are single rows, that is 528 ends to sew in  😦  maybe some day NOT.  I’m thinking that I might turn it around and make it a single bed throw 😉

Anyway the dining room is looking much better, I must get some nice flowers from the garden in



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