What’s wrong with me?

We all have worries, I know, but today I have a heaviness that I can’t really explain.  My heart has the occasional flutter, you know the feeling when your heart sinks  to your boots. The blood rushes to your head and all you can hear is the staccato of your heart beating in your ears..  I can’t seem to muster a smile at all.

Now that I have started writing I do know what it is.  I find it hard to talk about things that I am worried or annoyed about, but give me some time and I will talk…. its usually too late though.  I don’t know why, it is pure avoidance, but I just don’t like to talk about it….perhaps I can write it.

I have written and deleted this  at least 10 time and it boils down to this.  My son is going to university and I am worried about money, and if he will be happy, lonely, afraid.  I am going to miss him, and worry that he won’t be able to cope with student life and that I didn’t teach him the skills he needs to survive.

So that is it and I’m sure I am not the only one, and I will probably feel better tomorrow..roll on tomorrow 😉




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