Clíodhna Queen of the Fairies

Clíodhna Queen of the Fairies

My 18 year old daughter is called Cliodhna below is a link to the story of her name.

She is going to start her foundation year at Art College in September 🙂 Last year on one of her art projects everyone had to make an illustration based on a fairy tale, myth or legend. Cliodhna decided to use the story of her name 🙂 and to do it on the computer using “illustrator” instead of drawing or painting it. So the point of this blog is that she used her design to order a bespoke cover for the iphone. At this point i would add a link to the company she ordered it from but she is fast asleep in snuggles land. This is a picture of her phone 🙂

I LOVE IT, has anyone got any ideas of anything else she could do with this image?


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