Crochet v Cycle


it was even stevens today, I went out for a lovely cycle around some country lanes and on to the coast, called in with mum for a coffee and a chat and onwards home 2 hours on the bike and hopefully some calories burnt…… 🙂  (I took some pictures of my journey).  I hope you like them.

Then it was home sweet home for a shower and food, then all hands on crochet, so i settled down I finished my bag.

Now that would have been a perfect day but you know what its like, you have exercised a bit, the weather is roasting and you don’t feel like cooking so off you trot to the chinese takeaway… cancel out all those burnt calories inside 15 minutes 😦  Better luck next time…….


Country Lane 1


Country lane 2




Dunluce Castle


Atlantic Ocean



Not bad having this on your doorstep, Beautiful North Irish Coast 🙂


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