garden update

023I has some onions in the fridge that had started to shoot, so I popped them into a pot, I love when they flower.

I got the camera out and decided to try some close-ups in the garden, I’m rather happy with the results 🙂


A lovely close-up of a foxglove flower, you can see the tiny hairs on it.

002Meanwhile on the sofa


skulduggery (Hydrangea Thievery)

Whilst walking the dogs in a little park close to my house, the hydrangea were shouting to me….”pick me and put me in a vase”…..  I had a slight pang of conscience but it didn’t last long, they were in abundance.  So I dutifully trotted home deposited the dogs, picked up my secateurs and boldly set about returning to the park.

I decided that the best approach when helping yourself to plants, in broad day light, when they don’t belong to you is to be “bold” about it, confident in what you are doing. It worked!  I just sallied in there, like a ninja.  Snip, snip, in and out before anyone could notice




I think that they look rather nice 🙂

I love technology!

My daughter came home from uni with her samsung tablet 😆 so I thought it was about time that I had a little play around.  Having taken some pictures with it how could I stop there.  A quick demo and here I am!  I LOVE IT!  A few hints will have to be dropped 😍.  This is Tilly by the way, she says hi!

20150815_121103 20150815_120728 20150815_120804 20150815_120652 20150815_120959

Dull Sunday in Ireland


It hasn’t been much of a Summer in the North of Ireland.  We have been promised a heatwave for August… it isn’t here yet!!  But, the last of my poppies have bloomed, I am sorry to see the end of them as I just love them, especially when the bees make a visit 🙂  and of course the seed heads look great.



The buddleia is starting to bloom, and that means butterflies….. allegedly….. I hope they arrive soon.  I have been keeping some nettle plants in the garden as I believe the caterpillars enjoy them.






Daisies, another of my favourites


Wee Oscar up and out early this morning checking out the street